1. Where’s the front door? Off the Chambers St. access, there is a gray, covered, four-door entrance.

2. What should I wear? Dress comfortable and modest. You’ll fit in with khakis or jeans, slacks or skirt.

3. How do I find the restrooms, nursery, etc? Friendly greeters and signs will help direct you.

4. Can I sit anywhere? Absolutely! No one has “their own” seat.

5. Am I expected to give in the offering? No, only if you want to, but it is certainly not expected.

6. How long will the service last? Around an hour and fifteen minutes.

7. Is communion just for members, or for everyone? Anyone who believes Jesus is God and their Savior.

8. Why are we singing? To worship God. We sing old and new hymns, praises, and other spiritual songs.

9. What do you do with my contact information? We will e-mail you with your permission.

10. How do I know about events? Sunday bulletins, Facebook, and the Berean Happenings