What Is Live Casino?

Live casino is an online gambling experience that uses real dealers and tables to make gaming as close to the bricks-and-mortar version as possible. Players can bet with real money and interact with the dealer through the game’s chat facility, which enables them to ask questions and have the games explained in detail by a live human being. This is in contrast to regular online casinos, where the outcome of the game is determined by a computerised Random Number Generator.

As well as the usual table games like roulette, blackjack and poker there are usually a range of specialist options on offer in live casino. These include baccarat, casino hold’em, and Speed Baccarat. The latter is a variant of the game that allows players to make side bets on the value of individual cards or the total of a hand, with special payouts for suited cards and runs.

These games are hosted by dedicated studios which have been designed specifically for broadcast over the internet in fantastic quality. This means that the vast majority of home internet connections can receive this video data with ease, even those which aren’t the most advanced. This is important because the quality of a player’s experience can make or break the overall enjoyment of playing the game.

The dealer is the heart of the live casino, and a good one will be engaging, professional and approachable. They will greet players at the start of their sessions and will be available to talk through any issues they have while the game is in progress. They will also be aware of the various betting limits that exist for different types of games, so players can rest assured they are in safe hands when it comes to managing their bankrolls.

In terms of the technology that powers these live casino games, operators use a combination of cameras and software to ensure that everything is portrayed as accurately as possible for players. The cameras capture the action on the table, and the software which accompanies each game will convert this information into the data that is transmitted to the player’s screen. This will then translate the results into a visual representation of what actually happened on the table, including the winnings or losses.

One of the biggest attractions to live casino is its ability to offer a truly immersive gaming experience that mimics Las Vegas-style table games. This is particularly true when a player takes advantage of one of the many promotional offers on offer for these games, with most bonuses being subject to easy to satisfy wagering requirements. These requirements are known as playthrough requirements, and they will typically set out in clear detail how much a player must bet to qualify for the bonus.