Step 1 – Meet the Family

We unapologetically strive to be a relationship-driven church. Instead of pointing you to programs, we point you towards people. We want to spend time getting to know you and learning how God has been redeeming your life. We trust you will want to spend time with us, too, and learn the same things. Together, we will discover how God has gifted you and prepared you to serve Him and others. As someone who is new to our church family, we want to serve you and make sure that you are spiritually cared for and nurtured before we ask or expect anything of you. We invite you to join us for lunch on the first Sunday of each month. Come early to corporate worship and stick around after. Take us up on our offers to grab a coffee or share a meal together.

Step 2 – Attend a Group

As a church, we believe that attending a small group regularly allows you to take another step in growing deeper, stronger, together. You’ll find our small groups to be welcoming, and you’ll sense our strong bond to be inviting. Our groups meet over 36-times throughout the year to learn, work, and play together. For more information including times and meeting places e-mail us at

Step 3 – Take a Class

We periodically hold a Discover Berean Class. After the morning service, friends who have begun attending church and a group regularly are invited to stay for a meal and conversation. Feel free to ask us about ourselves, our vision and mission, or our beliefs. As we continue to learn more about each other, we will also share why we believe committing to a local church family is vital to your overall spiritual health.

Step 4 – Become a Part

With the purpose of a relational and spiritual commitment in mind, the pathway to all service in our church family, whether a formal greeter, childcare volunteer, or assisting in the kitchen, is membership. We want you to commit to loving this body as we make the same commitment to love you as well. As part of your process in becoming a part of our church family, we ask you to fill out a basic information profile, familiarize yourself with our beliefs and practices, and briefly write out your journey of knowing and following Jesus using some helpful tips we provide in our personal Testimony Guide

    1. Download and complete the Information Profile & Personal Testimony Guide
    2. Read through our Our Beliefs and Church Covenant